August 2008



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Aug. 28th, 2008


Well... my parents are home. Just in time to go on another trip for the labour day weekend! Seriously, I love their priorities.

ANYWAYS! Seeing as I didn't get to have any big party to smash up my parent's house during the summer since everyone was busy....

BEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEKEND?! Because I say... practise or drinking party at my house? Before we go back to school and life starts to suck again?

And Kim we haven't made out hung out in awhile. ): so... what are you doing?

Also. I have Rock Band now. I don't know why I didn't have it before. It's amazing and I RULE at the drums :D! Well... I always did but now I can in a video game too.

Jul. 17th, 2008



Added later;

Midnight shows are SO WORTH IT!

Jul. 12th, 2008

o14 Summer Assignment

I... didn't do the assignment yet (I'm cheating and saying this is it), but I personally find that okay, because I'm just getting over two weeks of awesomeness. Not only did Kim and I make up again, I got Guitar Hero Aerosmith which absolutely ROCKS (I really didn't mean to pun there, it's just true). We still keep the old characters, but they get tons of new outfits! And then of course, there is playing as Aerosmith! And I swear, Steve Tyler looks like he more is more drunk on stage in each new round. It's hilarious! They have interview clips on it too, in between the new stages. So sweet!! I haven't gotten through all the songs yet though. I swear Summer hits and my attention span is like GONE!

OH! And the season finale of Doctor Who which is just...yeah I won't talk about! There is just too MUCH and so many mixed feelings and omg yeah... I won't say anything in case they are like spoilers.

OH OH! MOVIE UPDATE!!!! KIM, DARK KNIGHT IS NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE TO GOOO!!!! I'm wearing my Joker T-shirt... one of the man I have.

Also, Journey to the Center of the Earth... I kind of want to see it. Sort of. Maybe. We could make out if it gets boring? Maybe during the day? Because you know, Batman is totally late show, opening night, no questions.

Annnnd... we haven't really done band practice in awhile either. I think my drum set feel lonely. You know, if an inanimate object could be lonely.

Jul. 3rd, 2008


[filtered post|ben and pete]

So... Kim kind of kissed me.... and it was awesome xD!

Jun. 20th, 2008


[filtered post|private]

Damnit I miss Kim... it's been five days. But I don't get it! I went to a party with Ben! So what? I danced with a few girls, had a few drinks! Wendy made it out to be some big thing in front of Kim and it WASN'T!

Maybe I should just call her... the folks are leaving tomorrow. I wish I could have her over.

Jun. 16th, 2008


[filtered post|peter and ben]

So Pete... you kind of have to stop being a hermit and join the rest of the world. It's the SUMMER! Have fun! More specifically, have fun with us! We missed you at the party the other day, honestly man!

By the way, you haven't been writing either? That's fine you know, I've been trying to do some of it too, and clearly we should make Ben take part, but yeah... I'm trying to write a song for Kim. It's not going very well...

Anyways- Pete are you okay? That's what I really wanted to ask. So don't ignore us!

Jun. 9th, 2008


Mum sent me out to the mall with money to buy some summer clothes... I came back with more novelty tees from Hot Topic. She's not happy with me, but I don't care! I can cut up old jeans if I need shorts. I have an Indiana Jones t-shirt now so that's all that matters!!

Anyways, I just felt like sharing that. And by the way... Pete and Ben! Where are you? I feel like it's been too long since we've done anything worth while, or even gotten close to getting in trouble. Come on guys! I won't nag about band practice for... two days?

I also... need to badly get back into Guitar Hero if I'm going to beat hard! I'm only three away from facing Lou!

May. 24th, 2008



Okay... okay. It's only been a day since I've seen Indiana Jones but... I need to go again. It's probably not even going to be my favorite but... I need to see it AGAIN! I don't think I used up all my excitement on Thursday!!!

Really I wonder what my life would be like without George, Stephen and Harrison... yes I'm using a first name basis now. Alright, I probably sound retarded. I've never had an outlet like this for my- obsession before.

So moving on... I starting to work on some new lyrics. I'll show you Pete and Ben at next practice. Which will probably be when Ben decides to come back to life.

May. 13th, 2008


Should be going to bed, but I'm doing this first. I'm sorry for arguing on your journal Dottie and upsetting you, I didn't mean too! And I'm sorry for yelling at you Ben, I know you were joking I'm hoping you were joking. You better win Friday since I'm going to watch you compete and everything >>! And sorry again Kim because I'm a jerk. Ryan, you don't get an apology. But I promised I wouldn't talk about that anyway.

K, now bed.


Well I survived the weekend. Prom didn't kill me, or Kim with those high heel shoes for that matter. By the way Kim, did your Mom take pictures? I need to show Pete and Ben or they'll never believe me you were in a dress.

If anything almost killed me, it was the homework and studying I did last night. Stayed up even later than usual. So tonight, I'm not doing any work, just going to watch movies because I CAN!

Oh, and the movie list for this month:
Iron Man; It was awesome
Speed Racer; Also awesome

Actually, it's decided I'm watching the first three tonight. Or at least Raiders... because Indiana Jones is just classic.

So April was the month of Star Wars, May is the month of Indiana Jones. Does this mean I'm obsessed with George Lucas and Harrison Ford?

May. 9th, 2008

oo6 Best Friend Assignment

Alright, I have a few people to get through. I kind of have more than one best friend. Now, I've always lived in here, but I didn't go to Apple Creek Elementary right away. My parents had me off in another school first... which I was miserable yet, and didn't make any friends. So they finally put me in Apple Creek. That's where I met Pete Athos and HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED (If you don't show up for band practise, you DON'T GET NAMED!). Anyways, the three of us were all the same class, and we just started hanging out together. They know my most inner darker secrets, and we all at least have the music thing in common.

So once we hit Middle School, Pete had the idea for the band and I totally went for it! Pete is our vocals and lead guitar, What's his face is Bass, and I'm Drums. Pete has always seemed to be the 'leader' but I make sure everyone comes to practise. But that SLACKER has been avoiding me! Anyways, we kind of sucked in Middle School, but we're getting pretty good now.

Anyways, Pete what can I say? He's pretty quiet, but don't piss him off because honestly it's a bad scene. But really, seeing him play guitar is amazing. It's like he's a different person. It's just so easy to be more serious and mellow around Pete. I don't think he tells us nearly enough when something bad is going on, but it's his own business I guess. But i know Pete would be there for me, so I always try to do that same for him!

Now What's-his-name... alright I'm going actually talk about him. He's fun, probably the wildest out of the three of us. He keeps getting us in trouble, but I find I'm more willing to go along with it when it's just the two of us. I'm more carefree and hyper when I'm with him, and we have a good time.

And then, going outside of the band is Kimberly Bell. Otherwise known as Kim. We met in Middle School, and we were in the same science class. We always seem to be in the same science class... anyways! She was a new kid, and she was nice in class, so I went to sit with her at lunch and I introduced her to my other two best friends! And then she like... became the 4th I guess. She's not in the band, but she's around enough that I guess she could be a roadie or something. If we were on the road... Anyways, Kim and I hang out all the time, and she's always there even if the guys are busy. I drive her to school practically everyday. I never call her house after 10, I just drive over to bug her. She goes to sleep WAY too early! And... I don't know. She's just cool.

That's definitely more than 250 words, so done!

Apr. 28th, 2008


[filtered private|private]

I don't get it! I asked her Kim to prom, you know whatever!! Why does it have to be more complicated than this? I just KNEW there was going to be something weird happening... and now I freak out when she mentions going to a movie with some other guy?

Well no, I still maintain I have reasons to hate Ryan in this circumstance. He's been hanging out with her too much... This wouldn't be so difficult if we had the same lunch. She didn't even get me to pick her up for school today, and she didn't talk to me in Chemistry...

This wouldn't be as bad if at least my other best friends were normal lately! I hardly ever see Pete now except for practice. There is something going on, and I'm being too dumb and self absorbed with this Kim thing to even get the guts to ask him what's wrong. Not that he'd tell me.

FUCK! I hate Ryan Parish! I still can't get past that. I'm just an idiot... that's it I'm going for smokes.


I officially HATE Ryan Parish!

I need to make a music store trip... I broken two sets of drum sticks today.


Apr. 14th, 2008


Music Video )

Like I said before, Les Wampas kick ass.

Anyways I did nothing today but watch old school Star Wars... which was awesome. But they had the version that was edited. Because at the end when Anakin Skywalker comes back with Yoda and Obi Wan, since they are all one with the force, they edited out the original actor and put in Hayden Christensen in. Like, as he looks in Revenge of the Sith. Which I suppose makes sense, since before he went into the Vader Suit, that's what he would look like.

But still, it's tampering with the original brilliance... and honestly Lucas why are you trying to fix continuity now? You still have the mistake of Leia not ACTUALLY knowing her mother to deal with! Crazy shit...

Apr. 11th, 2008


OH MY GOD KIM WHEN DOES SUPERNATURAL COME BACK?! For serious, the closer it gets the more insane I'm going to go. It's your fault, you had to make me watch it!!! The music kicks ass anyway. Like they left us with that awesome showdown, and then... we have to wait. And seriously, when they do have a new one, and it's a Ruby episode, I'm not going to be happy. I don't like her, I'll be honest. Bela is so much hotter. Even with the... cheap fake accent. Right-

I should be doing homework. Instead I'm watching reruns on tv, and scanning youtube. Where you find the strangest things by the way.

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Mar. 28th, 2008

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